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Under the sign of the storm. Migrants, Europe and transnational strike

Like a storm, migrants are haunting Europe. With their disordered movements they are crushing borders, institutions, and seemingly consolidated ideologies. Migrants have blown up the European status quo. What the Greek referendum was not able to do, it’s now happening thanks to thousands of men, women, and kids who are putting their lives at stakes in order to get better ones. If the dismay in front of the violent suppression of the OXI by the European institutions seemed to have paralyzed all those who saw an occasion lying in that no, migrants succeeded in provoking a wave of solidarity and a mass mobilization which points at the refusal of border policies and of neoliberal intransigence, a mobilization which not even the champions of austerity can ignore. Many are now severely warning that there is no goodness in the opening of the borders, that those migrants will access the lowest steps of a segmented and hierarchical labor market, that exploitation is their destiny. It is all surely true, but it is also true that this is the common destiny of all those who are subdued to the regime of wage. To say that capitalism is always and by any means exploitation should not impede us to grasp the set of novelties that the migrants are imposing in Europe. All in all we can agree with Angela Merkel: the elements of crisis which have been introduced by migrants are way deeper than those emerged from the Greek affair.

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